Copy PS3 Games Easily Using State of the art Software

Copy PS3 GamesThere are many reasons why a person might want to copy PS3 games. Video games are one of America’s favorite hobbies, and people of every age group and demographic enjoy them. If you’re one of these people, and if you’re a dedicated gamer, then you probably have a PlayStation 3 at home. The PS3 has the highest technology in the world for gaming, and it is the top state-of-the-art video game console on the market in the international marketplace today, offering a huge slew of different games. Whatever kind of game you like, it doesn’t matter, because the PS3 has whatever you’re into. What is the one drawback? Sometimes, scratched disks won’t work. Is there some way to get around it? There is definitely a way to do it, and that is simply to copy PS3 games.

PS3 Games: A Huge Investment

It’s hard for people that don’t play video games to understand that PS3 games are a huge investment. They can cost $50 each game which is huge. In a short period of time, you could end up with a very costly collection of games. Imagine your rage, then, when they become unusable because someone scratched, smeared, smudged, or destroyed your game. How can you put that much money into something you only have one copy of? It’s an irritating situation to get stuck in. You can avoid the whole thing by just trying to copy PS3 games. However, you will need to learn how to do it. You can then have backup copies, and you can keep the originals in a safe storage location somewhere.

How To Copy PS3 Games

There are tons of great tactics for understanding how to burn PS3 games on the Internet. After reading up a little bit, you’ll easily see that it’s a cinch to dump PS3 games into your computer and copy them. There are thousands of committed gamers that do the same thing.

Tools You’ll Need To Burn Your PS3 Game

As you learn more about  copying PS3 games, you’ll understand that you’re going to have to get a few supplies. For the optimal results, you need to plan on purchasing the following items. Don’t worry because it’s a good investment.

  • Burnable DVD drive to be installed on your computer (or external USB hardrive, see full guide below for instructions)
  • PC with a USB drive to be used with your home use computer
  • Tons of blank DVD (Unless of course you are backing up your games to a external USB drive)
  • Great game copy software
  • PS3 Homebrew installer
  • PS3 with a Linux operating system

Steps Taken to Copy PS3 Games

The internet is overflowing with tips about how to burn PS3 games, and it is also full of information about how to move PS3 games to a hard drive. There are different steps to complete. Still, you may have to refer to below for a basic outline of the primary steps that you’ll need to follow:

1. Utilize a PS3 Homebrew installer
2. Use best game copy software
3. Place the game into the disc drive
4. Dump PS3 games into the hard drive
5. Take ISO images and dump them
6. Eject the disc
7. Put a blank DVD into the slot
8. Rip the games from the hard drive to the blank DVD using game copy software
9. Test out the backup copy of your game in the PS3

Backing up Your PS3 Games: The Legalities and Why You Should do it Today

Playstation 3 games are generally quite expensive, especially when they’re first released, and this initial cost has led a lot of gamers to copy PS3 games in order to protect their investment. Unlike the system itself games don’t come out of the box with a warranty, other than the consumer’s ability to exchange it if it’s defective immediately. What this means for PS3 gamers without a backup copy is that if their game breaks after a couple of weeks of gameplay, then they’re out the average cost of $50 without any way to recoup their loss.

Some may argue that the only people who copy PS3 games are those who are doing so to avoid paying for the games altogether. Although there certainly are people who do this, there are also several legitimate reasons for backing up your video games, such as in the aforementioned example. Most gamers probably do not realize that the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA) is on their side; according to the DMCA consumers have the legal right to make one backup copy of all forms of digital media that they’ve purchased legally. In other words, not only is it legally okay for you to copy PS3 games, it’s also okay for you to make a backup copy of all of your DVDs, Blurays and video games for other systems.

The law being on your side in regards to backup copies does not mean that Sony has to make the process easy. As with most forms of media, they’ve encrypted their games with so-called anti piracy software to make it difficult to copy PS3 games. There are many ways around this, however, such as the PS3 Homebrew software. Steps must also be taken to enable your PS3 to read the copied games, but again there are multiple ways to do this, including a PS3 Homebrew installer. Essentially what you need to do is jailbreak your PS3 to override its internal settings. Aside from software that will assist with this process, there are also a wide number of tutorials about this subject available on the internet.

The process that you’ll use to copy PS3 games does include several steps, but it does not require a high level of technical knowledge. If you can download software and copy data onto a DVD-R then you’re already up to speed. You’ll need to ensure that your PS3 is jailbroken, which is also a relatively simple process, before you begin. You’ll also need to make sure that your computer has a lot of open memory space as PS3 games contain a lot of data. Aside from these steps, you’ll need to have game copying software installed on your computer and a stack of blank DVD-R’s. Once all of these components are in place, do the following to copy PS3 games:

1.) Insert the PS3 game into your DVD drive.
2.) Transfer the game files to your hard drive. Be sure to also transfer the ISO files, using easily obtainable software such as PS3 SAK.
3.) Take the game out of your DVD drive and insert a blank DVD disc.
4.) Utilize the game copying software that you previously obtained to rip the game data and burn it onto the waiting disc.

That, in a nutshell, is the very simple process you’ll need to use to copy PS3 games. Now that you’ve created a backup copy, it probably makes the most sense to use the backup for gameplay instead of the store bought disc. In this way you can ensure that the main disc will stay scratch and crack free, enabling you to create another backup copy if the first one breaks. Although it is possible to make copies from copies, you’ll receive the highest quality experience if you refrain from doing so.

Aside from making sure that your initial investment will not go to waste, another benefit of backing up your PS3 games is that you will no longer be concerned about taking them with you when you’re playing games at a friend’s house. Just remember, in order for copied games to work, your friend’s PS3 must also be jailbroken. If they’re not aware of the process, now would be an excellent time to teach them about the DMCA and how it impacts their ability to protect their video game library. By passing on the information, you can help create a new gamer mottot: friends help friends copy PS3 games.

It’s Actually Very Easy to Unlock and Jailbreak Your PS3

For 3.55 using original Sony Firmware:

  1. Format a pendrive in fat32 mode.
  2. In this pendrive, create a folder called PS3
  3. Inside the PS3 folder, create a folder called UPDATE
  4. Download this file ( Kmeaws_CFW355.rar ) extract to somewhere you remember, and from the extracted files, you will see a .PUP file. Rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP .
  5. Get the PS3UPDAT.PUP file and put it into pendriveps3update folder
  6. Run system update in your ps3, and choose storage media as source
  7. Finish installation as a normal firmware.
  8. As soon as it’s done, you now have an unlocked ps3.

For 3.42 using original Sony Firmware:

  1. Format a pendrive in fat32 mode.
  2. In this pendrive, create a folder called PS3
  3. Inside the PS3 folder, create a folder called UPDATE
    3.1. To unlock a 3.42 PS3, you need to update it to 3.55. Download this file ( FIRWARE 3.55 OFICIAL SONY ) and do the update as described for 3.55 )
  4. Download this file ( Kmeaws_CFW355.rar ) extract to somewhere you remember, and from the extracted files, you will see a .PUP file. Rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP .
  5. Get the PS3UPDAT.PUP file and put it into pendriveps3update folder
  6. Run system update in your ps3, and choose storage media as source
  7. Finish installation as a normal firmware.
  8. As soon as it’s done, you now have an unlocked ps3.

As soon as you finish, you will need a backup manager, I recommend this one multiMAN

To install it, unzip it into your pendrive root, and (after unlocking PS3) go to the Install Package file (under GAME) and choose the MULTIMAN one.

If you are interested in mastering all the steps for backing up your PS3 games and jailbreaking your PS3 console we recommend you download our full guide and software below. You’ll be in the hang of it in no time. Finally, all your games will be copied. You’ll never have to worry about another scratched disc again.

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  1. I Pwnz Gaming

    Holy c$%# this is easy to use! I’m impressed dudes. The last prog. I bought was twice as much and insanely difficult to understand how to “decode” and burn my games. It doesn’t get easier than this. One happy customer here, ready to tear through some newbs on my latest burnt shooter. ;)

  2. C.K.

    This baby made my PS3 a lot more fun again. Since most great games also launch on the xBox, I tend to learn toward that. But, since owning this burning software I am actually loving the PS3 again and playing it all of the time. There is a group of us who burn each others games and pass them around to play. I haven’t been bored with nothing to do for awhile now. Great stuff guys.

  3. Isis

    Surprised that this really works! And it’s actually really good too! I figured for the price I’d end up with games that might skip, or not function properly. I had absolutely no idea you could burn games on to plain old recordable dvds. I bought a big stack for under $10 bucks and will have enough stock to supply me with games for awhile now. Very very very glad to have found this….please make more software programs for other consoles!! Pretty please? = )

  4. Shane R.

    For less than half of the cost of many new games, you can burn an unlimited amount. My friend has a HUGEEEEE collection that he has spent ..well I don’t even want to think of how much on it. And now I’m able to burn them for free and enjoy playing everything he burnt holes in his pocket for. It’s great because he burns them to lend to me and another friend, and we get to play as much as we want without the worry of not liking something. It’s a no risk situation when everything is free (after you purchase the program of course..but heck, that isn’t very much at all compared to what you get).

  5. John

    O.M.G. this software freakin’ ROCKS!! The game quality on the burnt discs is flawless and just like the original! I’m loving this so far and building up my library of copies. :) I haven’t had a single issue at all yet and would recommend it to any gamer, both hardcore or casual alike.

  6. jessica

    hey i paid and downloaded the program then i followed the links to download it and it is not working what must i do ?

  7. Game Master X

    @jessica Can you elaborate on the problem you had?

  8. Daniel

    What about the fact that PS3 are blu-ray dvd? Is this a problem?